Best Rated Dog Food: the Ingredients

Best Rated Dog Food the IngredientsWell, as a dog owner, we are very responsible on the health of our dog. So, when we are buying their food, it is very important to get the best rated dog food out there. There could be a lot of kinds and brands of dog food that you are going to find but there is only one best that could suit the needs and the taste for your dog. It is very ideal for you to make researches on the best rated dog food that you could have even before you make a purchase in the pet shop that you have chosen. But, the main question is, how you are going to do it?

Actually, the best thing that you can do to easily look for the best rated dog food that you need is by simply looking on the different ingredients that has been used when making it. There could be a lot of ingredients that is being used but there are also some that you need to be aware of. You wouldn’t want your dog to have problems on the dog food that you are going to give to them.

Best Ingredients to Look At

There are different ingredients that are best for your dog to have. Each of the ingredients is important for your dog as it could help them to stay healthy and for you to be assured that they won’t accumulate harmful problems with their dog food. Some of the ingredients that you need to buy include the following below:

  • Apple – the apple could be one of the best sources of the pectin which is greatly needed by your dog.

  • Blueberries – blueberries are also very important ingredients for the dog food that you need as this comes with potassium, Vitamin A and C, and carotenoids and fibers. The carotenoids are considered as anti oxidants and the blueberries could also provide color, taste and flavor to the food.

  • Carrots – the carrots are also important as it is a good source of different mineral and fibers.

  • Cranberries – the cranberries is a good source of tannins and Vitamin C that keeps your dog active and healthy.

Ingredients to Avoid

On the other hand, there are also some ingredients that you need to avoid to keep the food of your dog safe to be eaten. Some of those include the following below:

  • Artificial color – make sure that you will avoid artificial color as this contains synthetic pigments that could harm your dog.

  • Artificial Flavor – also, the artificial flavor contains synthetic flavors that are not good for your dog especially those that are made by chemicals to produce certain flavorings to the dog food.

  • By products – there are also some times that the dog food that you are going to have contains by products which are made by the natural product and is commonly chemically processed. This kind of ingredients may provide some side effects to your dog and cause some health problems.

Take a look at these videos explaining dog food ingredients.

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