Best Senior Dog Food – Shocking Truths of your Aging Pet Dog

dog food for old dogsAs your pet dogs grow old, they also experience changes in their metabolism. Much like humans, your pet dogs need extra attention and care in order to avoid putting your pet on too much stress. Remember that your pet dog has been one of your best companions in times of stress and problem, which is fitting to say that taking care of geriatric pet dogs is the best thing we can do to them. As dogs age, their nutrient requirements change and may actually be modified to ensure that the dog still gets the nutrition without compromising other factors which might affect the dog’s physiological changes.

Signs of aging for your pet dogs

If you are not sure yet if your dog really is turning at the prime of their lives, here are some indications:

  • Appetite changes – decrease in gusto

  • Chewing and difficulty in eating

  • Taste and smell ability reduction

  • Sudden changes in their activity

There are other signs which might vary differently from dog to dog and it is up to you on how to identify them. However, if your pet dog is already facing problems such as obesity and inactivity, you might start to include exercises to your plans.

Feeding senior dogs

In feeding your old pet dog, it is important to incorporate proper balance of food components. There is a lot of best senior dog food in the market, but it is best to check out their protein requirement. Remember to take note the number of protein it offers. Protein requirements do not change as dog age and this should be stable when you are planning to change your dog’s diet. The food should also be low in calorie with high fiber content to facilitate easy digestion. When a dog ages, stomach problem is one common case. However, uncontrolled eating can be harmful so controlling the amount of food your dog is important.

Nutrients your dogs need

To sum it all up, your senior dog needs low calorie, high fiber and protein diet. The best senior dog food available in the market takes the form of dry foods or kibbles. Since it is dry, geriatric feeding should incorporate easy access to water. This is to ensure that your dog stays on its tip top condition without sacrificing its stomach. Not all dog food supply important omega oils for their joints so when buying dog foods, check the label and buy necessary omega oils if there is not any.

Senior formulas do not work that much

There are serious companies offering formulas in their dog foods which can sustain senior dogs. Those products which claim as the superior kibbles and best senior dog food should be thoroughly checked to avoid trouble in the future. Formulas do not always guarantee full and comprehensive amount of nutrients. To ensure that your pet dog gets the best care as it grows old, be careful with the food products you buy and the canned processed food you feed them.

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