Can Cats Eat Cashews?

Can Cats Eat CashewsIf you are wondering if you can give your cat cashews, you probably should not. Although they are not toxic to cats, they are unhealthy.

Cashew nuts are very high in fats, that are very unhealthy for cats. Even though cats can eat many types of nuts, and be ok, it is not a good idea to give them nuts.

Cashews also usually have coatings on them with different flavors, or salts. Depending on the flavor of coating, your cat can have an allergic reaction, or the coating could be toxic.

As seen in this video, cats will eat cashews.

However you should not give them more than one or two IF you give them any at all.

If your cat somehow got hold of a lot of cashews, and ate them, do not worry too much. Although they are unhealthy, they are not toxic to cats.

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