Can Cats Eat Dog Treats

Can Cats Eat Dog TreatsIf you have some dog treats, and are thinking about giving them to your cat, there should be no problem doing so.

Many people will tell you that you should not give cats dog food. While this is true, it only holds if you are feeding them on a regular basis.

Cat treats, and dog treats contain different ingredients. Cat treats were made for a cats diet, while dog treats were made for a dogs diet. Although your cat having some dog treats, or your dog having some cat treats, will not harm them, they are unhealthy.

If you have some left over dog treats, or you have a cat over and don’t have any cat treats, you can feel free to give a couple dog treats to your cat.

That being said, many cats will not like dog treats. This is because cats are accustom to a soft treat with lots of meat in it. Dog treats often contain less meat, and have other ingredients.

Just like this cat, cats are fine eating dog treats on occasion.

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