Can Cats Eat Nuts?

Can Cats Eat NutsIf you are wondering if you can feed your cat nuts, the short answer is no, you should not.

Although there are many types of nuts that cats can eat small amounts of, it is never a good idea to give you cat nuts.

Although some people say you do not have to worry about giving your cat nuts as long as you do not give your cat a large amount, it really is not a good idea.

Nuts can not only be toxic to cats, but they are also very high in salts and fats. These make nuts, even in small amounts, very unhealthy.

Many nuts are also coated with spices, and more salts, to make them taste more appealing to humans. Cats may actually be allergic to the spices, and the spices could be very toxic.

If your cat has already eaten a nut, and you are worried, watch your cat for strange activity. (Coughing and sneezing) If you notice this, you should take your cat to the vet.

If your cat has eaten a large amount of nuts, you should take it to the vet asap. Even if your cat is not showing any negative symptoms, the nuts could be causing internal damage to the cats liver.

Look at this cute cat!

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