Can Cats Eat Tomato Sauce?

can cats eat tomato sauceIf you are thinking of giving your cat tomato sauce, you should think again.

Although the tomato sauce, in tomato sauce is ok for cats to eat, many tomato sauces contain other ingredients that can be very harmful to cats.

Most tomato sauces contain garlic, and or onions. These two ingredients are extremely toxic to cats.

Try your best not to feed your cat any tomato sauce.

What if your cat has already eaten some tomato sauce?

If your cat has eaten tomato sauce, you should take a look at the ingredients in the sauce right away. If the sauce contain garlic, or onion, you need to watch your cat closely.

If your cat ate a large amount of the sauce that contains garlic, or onion, you should take it to the vet asap.

If it just ate a small amount, your cat’s system should be able to safely remove the toxins. Just make sure you watch your cat for any signs of poisoning.

As this video shows, many cats will eat tomato.

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