Can Cats Get Hiccups?

Cat With hiccupsIf you are wondering if cats can get hiccups, you probably have a cat beside you that seems to be hiccuping.  The truth is that cats, just like us humans, can get the hiccups.  In fact, it is not uncommon for some cats to get the hiccups often.

In most cases, cats will start to get the hiccups from eating too quickly.   Hiccups in cats is caused by the diaphragm of the cat (the muscle right under the stomach) going into a quick spasm.  When cats eat too quickly, they do not properly chew their food.  This causes them to swallow a large amount of air, upsetting their stomach.  In some cases, if cats eat to quickly they will hiccup and vomit soon after.

If your cat is hiccuping more than regularly, you may need to bring him or her to the vet to have it checked out.  There are some health issues that can result in hiccuping that should be looked into.

If your cat is hiccuping, chances are you do not have to worry.  It likely ate its cat food too quickly, or it has a hairball.  In most cases your cat will be back to normal in no time.  If you notice your cat is hiccuping often and for large periods of time, you should bring it to the vet.

Take a look at this cute cat with hiccups!

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