Can Cats Go Senile?

Can Cats Go SenileKnow the Signs

Can cats go senile? The short answer is yes, they can go senile. While they may seem years younger than what they really are, they can’t stop mental aging. Unfortunately, they can fall victim to cognitive dysfunction as well.

Symptoms of Senility in Cats

Animal behaviorists and veterinarians commonly refer to symptoms of senility in cats as DISH:

  • Disorientation

Cats are very quick, mobile and nimble. This is why if you’re seeing that your cat is more disoriented than usual, like not knowing where to go or just simply walking around your home with no clear direction in sight, these can be signs of senility.

  • Interactions

Cats interact with people, especially their owners, in specific manners. For example, your cat always greets you when you arrive and welcomes you with a cuddle. If you’re seeing that your cat is changing how he interacts with people and even other animals, then that can be a sign of senility.

  • Sleep

Observe your cat when he’s sleeping. Are there changes to his sleeping habits? Is he prowling around instead of sleeping? Is he howling more than the usual during nighttime? These are signs of senility.

  • Housetraining

Did your cat suddenly forget how to use the litter box? Check to see where your cat pooped. Is it on the way of the litter box? If yes, then that can show that it’s just an “accident” and it happens to older cats. However, if your cat is pooping all over the place, then it can be a sign that he has forgotten his housetraining.

In addition, check to see if your cat has forgotten how to groom himself. Cats are known to be very particular with their grooming. This is why it can be a clear sign that senility is kicking in if your cat doesn’t lick his coat anymore.

What to Do

Can cats go senile? Now that you know that they can go senile and now that you know what the symptoms are, it’s time for you to take your cat to the veterinarian. Your cat’s veterinarian can determine if your cat is indeed senile. In some cases, these symptoms are simply caused by old age.

Should You Worry?

Now that you know the answer to the question, can cats go senile; you’re probably a little worried. In most cases, senile cats continue to live a happy life. Just make sure to talk to the veterinarian because adjustments and additional care are required. If your cat is indeed senile, he will depend on you more than the usual.


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