Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food

Can Ferrets Eat Cat FoodIf you are wondering if you can give your ferrite some cat food, the answer is that you can, but don’t replace your ferret’s regular food with it!

Although cat food is not harmful to ferrets, you should not give your ferret a regular cat food diet. Some owners say giving your ferret a high quality cat food can be exchanged for ferret food, however it is not a good idea to do this.

If you run out of ferret food, and you have cat food, you would be able to give your ferret cat food for a short period of time, however, cat food was designed with the nutritional needs of cats in mind and not ferrets. This means that cat food does not have the proper nutrients, and vitamins that ferrets need to survive.

If you are worried about your ferret getting into your cats food, and eating some, it is ok, as long as the ferret does not fill up on cat food, and still eats its own food.

If you have a ferret and a cat, it is a good idea to feed th two pets in different rooms. This way they can eat their own specified food, and both have the nutrients they need.

Just look at this ferret stealing a cats food!

Ferret Eats Cat’s Food from C M on Vimeo.

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