Can Guinea Pigs Swim?

Can Guinea Pigs Swim
If you are wondering if your guinea pig can swim, it likely can.

In the wild, guinea pigs are natural swimmers. This means that if you give your guinea pig a chance to swim, it will likely be able to.

Although they are natural swimmers, some guinea pigs, just like humans do not like swimming at all.

If you want to see if your guinea pig can swim, just place it in shallow water on a bathtub. Let your guinea pig go, and stay close to make sure, if it cant swim, it wont drown.

Because of a guinea pigs small size, it takes a lot of energy for them to swim, and they will get tired of swimming quickly. You should make sure you are not forcing your guinea pig to swim, but instead just giving it the chance to. Most bathtubs are shallower on one end than the other, so filling it up so that the guinea pig can easily stand on one side of the tub is a good way to go.

How can you tall if your guinea pigs likes the water?
If you put your guinea pig into a bathtub with shallow water, and your guinea pig swims around the tub, it means your guinea pig likes the water. If your guinea pig stands on the side of the tub with the least water, and scratches at the side, it means your guinea pig does not like the water.

Remember that not all guinea pigs are the same, and not to force your guinea pig to swim if it does not like to.

Can a guinea pig swim in a chlorinated pool?
It is strongly advised that it doesn’t. Corine is not good for guinea pigs at all.

Can a guinea pig swim in a salted pool?
Although salted pools are better than chlorinated ones for guinea pigs, it is still not a good idea.

Just take a look at these guinea pigs safely swimming.

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