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Category: Hamster

guinea pig or hamster 0

Guinea Pig Or Hamster

Deciding whether you want a guinea pig or a hamster is very difficult, but that’s alright! Guinea pigs have much longer hair and are usually a lot bigger in size as well, where as...

Can Hamsters Get Fleas 0

How To Tell If Hamster Has Fleas

If you are wondering if your hamster has fleas, then you might be surprised to know that hamsters can actually get fleas. If you think your hamster has fleas, there are a couple things...

Hamster In Cage 0

Can Hamsters Get Fleas

If you are wondering if hamsters can get fleas, you probably came home to a hamster that is constantly scratching its self, or you have another pet with fleas, and you don’t want your...

Hamster 1

Food Hamsters Can Eat

If you recently got a new hampster, you may wonder what type of food you can, or cannot feed it.  The truth is although there are many foods that are likely around our house...