Dachshund Puppies

DachshundAbout the dog:
The Dachshund is a very active dog, however because of its small size, it can live comfortably in an apartment without a yard.  These dogs come in a wide verity of colors and sizes.  The smallest can grow to be under 11 pounds and less than 5 inches tall, where the large can grow to over 12 pounds and be around 11 inches tall.

Dog Size and Weight:
A grown Dachshund  will weigh around 10-12 pounds and grow to be around 5-11 inches tall.

What You Should Know:
These dogs can be difficult to train, however they are very loyal to their family.  These dogs are great traveling companions.  You must assert your dominance over dachshunds, or they will try to become the pack leader and will be very unruly.

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