Dog Food Comparison Chart: Choosing the right dog food for your dog

the best dog food for your dogGetting a dog can be a lifetime responsibility since you will be treating your dog as if he or she was your own kid. This means that you have to bathe, feed and nurture your puppy so that he will grow up to become a healthy and active dog and at the same time, you also need to discipline him as well. Aside from bathing and discipline, perhaps the main focus of all dog owners nowadays is the food that they are going to feed their dogs since dogs react differently to food.

When you first get your puppy and go to the local pet store or supermarket to buy a pack of dog food, you might become confused since there are a lot of dog food to choose from in the market. Here are some ways on to choose the right dog food.

Compare dog food choices

The best place to check for dog food information is on the internet. Use a search engines and look for possible dog food to feed your pet dog. You can also search for a dog food comparison chart so that you can compare different dog foods and find the perfect food for your furry friend.

Choosing a ratio

Shopping for dog food is just like shopping for your own personal food. You need to look at the nutritional facts or the ingredient ratio of the pet food that you are willing to purchase. Usually, the best ratio for dog foods nowadays is 50 percent meat, 50 percent vegetables and the ingredients should be grain free and wheat free and should contain no cheap fillers whatsoever. You can also check a dog food comparison chart so that you can be more familiar about the ratios of different dog foods.

Find a rich in protein dog food

If you are going to raise a dog from puppyhood or you want your dog to be healthy, then choose dog food that has a high in protein content. Most dog foods today are usually made from meat like lamb, pork, beef, chicken and you can also find dog foods that are made with tuna as well which are all high in protein. Still, you might want to look at the nutritional value of the dog food so that you can ensure that you are getting a high protein dog food that can support the growth of your dog and make sure that he will grow into a healthy and active dog.

Feeding your dog

It is important that you switch from time to time when purchasing dog food and do not stick with only one brand of dog food. This is to make sure that your dog reacts to different dog foods and will not have digestion problems and at the same time, your dog’s reaction to different dog foods will be less severe. Also, you can choose to feed your dog table food or human food if you happen to cut short on dog food. Just remember to check first with your vet before feeding your dog table food because some foods that humans eat are dangerous to dogs.

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