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Boxer dogs also known as German Boxer or Deutscher Boxer is of German origin having a square-shaped jaw, shiny coat varying from brown to black colors, and an average stature that could reach a foot or two. Based on the general classification of dog breeds, they are considered to belong in the working class and most families are fond of acquiring them as pets because of their temperament. They like interacting with humans and they are very protective of their owners. Boxers are active dogs and they are intelligent. As opposed to its physical features, they are ultimately friendly and they can never become aggressive unless triggered. They work effectively as guard dogs because they are alert and very sensitive to suspicious strangers that may loiter around your block.

Because this breed of dog belongs to a working class, it is ideal that it gets a regular exercise. It should be freed in your area and it must have a good diet to promote its growth. Their estimated lifespan can reach up to ten years but there are cases where some dog owners of this breed do not feed them with the right kind of food, which is actually risky for their health. Every dog owner should be able to understand that boxers are prone to bloating and intestinal problems because of wrong diet and lifestyle. You should be able to look for the best dog food for boxers so that your pets will live a longer and healthier life.

Read and know more about the labels

There could be different brands and formulas of dog food that claims that they are the best dog food for boxers yet they are not. Sometimes we all are carried about their humorous advertisements when in fact, they are just doing that to sell their products. If you go in a pet shop and look for the dog food, it is important that you have to read the labels. You should be able to understand the proportion of its contents but the problem is that the ingredients are not listed in common terms. This makes buying dog food a difficult thing to do because you have no idea which ingredients you should consider, or which one will work best for your pet boxer.

Get to know your feeding options

If you are not confident about buying the commercialized dog food products in your local pet store, you can actually make an alternative for this. Having the best dog food for boxers does not mean it is the most expensive brand. Sometimes the ingredients are right there in your homes. Always remember that dogs are carnivorous and even they always prefer meat, still they need the vitamins and minerals derived from vegetables and fruits. You can make your own homemade combination of these ingredients but of course, you should put in more meat to your recipe. With your homemade creation, you are sure that you feed your boxers in the healthiest way.

If you are interested in trying to make home made food for your boxers, check this out:

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