Guinea Pig Popcorning – What Is It? What Causes It?

popcorn guinea pigIf you are wondering what causes guinea pigs to popcorn, you may be surprised to find out that guinea pigs popcorn out of excitement, and happiness.

What is popcorning
Popcorning is when a guinea pig starts to jump around quickly, changing directions and shaking. It is often brought on by extreme excitement, or extreme joy.

Popcorning is really a wonderful sight. Although it is often only seen in younger guinea pigs, some older guinea pigs will also popcorn.

When popcorning young guinea pigs jump very high, while older guinea pigs are heavier, and cannot jump as high.

If your guinea pig is popcorning, it is a sign that it is very happy.

Watch as this guinea pig popcorns. Watch as it jumps from side to side, and shakes in the air.

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