Home Made Dog Foods VS Best Canned Dog Food in the Market

Best Canned Dog FoodDogs are considered our lifelong partner animals. For years, dogs have accompanied men in their journey and have formed bonds that exceed more than the domestication purposes they had years ago. As dogs need sustenance to survive, feeding your pet dog is crucial to its development. Dogs gain nutrition from the food it eats and whatever that comes out of your feeding practice will be reflected back to what the dog has become after your care.

Are dogs carnivorous or omnivores?

Canines are basically carnivorous. Before they are even domesticated, they were already carnivorous in nature and hunt to survive. Domestication has caused dogs to eat whatever scraps left over by their human masters. As years came by, dogs are now becoming omnivorous and have adapted to eat even vegetable matter and get nutrients from it. It is at this point that you should know that feeding dogs mean that there is a balance among the kind of ingredients the dog food should have. There are basically three kinds of dog foods being sold in the market.

  • Raw – unprocessed and still keep nutrients intact

  • Wet – has higher moisture content and processed. Has limited shelf life value

  • Dry – the moisture is low and this food is processed. Lasts longer in shelf

Canned dog foods

Dog foods commonly sold in most dry good department stores often contains dry ingredients. There are also wet foods canned and are usually bought by dog owners who have limited time to tend to their dogs especially when checking their dog’s food consistency. Dry canned foods for dogs are the first choice by pet owners who stacks on dog foods for longer storage. Best canned dog food can be found online for an easy reference to what best dog foods to buy.

Best dog foods (canned)

Dog owners would find that this list of best canned dog food and kibbles very helpful especially if you are trying to save money:

  • Precise

  • Nature’s Variety

  • Blue Buffalo

  • Solid Gold

  • Petcurean

  • Timberwolf Organics

  • Orijen

  • Canidae

  • Wellness

Accordingly, these dog foods have been subject to determiners such as the manufacturing processes, the cost and packaging. These criteria pretty much tells all what there is to expect from a canned dog food. Dog foods come in variety and most people would have their own choice as to which is best for their dog.

Homemade dog food

Compared to most dog foods, homemade foods are better and can bring in more nutrition. Dog foods which are canned can actually be complete with the vitamins and minerals which your pet dog might need, but depending on the kind of quality feeding, canned foods still start from a processing plant and may actually be deprived of natural moisture. Homemade dog food contains natural nutrients and is catered specifically to your pet dog. Many of the best canned dog food in the market were made generally for any type and kind of dog and may not necessarily provide specific nutrients.

If you are up to making your own dog food, you should watch this video.

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