Looking for high quality dog food for your pet

High Quality Dog FoodDogs are one of the most favourite pets of people, young and old. In some cases, dogs are very lucky enough to find a master who is very caring and sweet. It was a common story for us that dogs are made by the humans like their own sons or daughters. They are man’s best friend many say. So if you are one of those dog lovers and you want the best for your pet, then you should probably know what foods are good for your dog.

Knowing the best dog food for your pet

For you to ensure the health of your dog, you must be knowledgeable about the high quality dog food that is good for them. Dogs require more protein in their body than humans. Usually, dog foods focus only on the buttermilk, cheese, oats, animal fats, and etc. but to be honest, there are certain dog foods that require ingredients that can match on to the correct amino acids that the dogs require.

There are misconceptions that dogs eat whatever food you give to them, whether protein of not. Well in fact, in the assertion that the dogs are direct descendants of wolves, they require higher protein content in their body which means that they need a protein which is a hundred percent meat-based. So again, you must find the best and the high quality dog food for your pet.

The commercial dog foods

There are key items that were found during a commercial pet food inspection. They found out that the commercial dog foods contain some animal left overs such as eyeballs, blood, spleen, livers, and etc. they even make use of animal brain and lungs, bones, ligaments, membranes, and intestines. These parts are usually the parts that can’t be sold in the groceries. However, the mentioned leftovers are called the “by-products”. But you don’t have to worry that much because it does not contain hair, beaks, feathers, or hooves.

The 4D meat

“4D meat” means disabled, dying, dead, or deceased. It is not encouraged to be included in the ingredients of a pet food. These are considered as “adulterated” because obviously it is not good for the health of your pet and worse, it can only cause sickness for your dogs.

Another thing for meat is the meal. It is called a “meal” because it means that the food is not necessarily fresh. The meat was already rendered or the oil and the fats are already separated from the flesh. This makes possible through the process of boiling. It means that they are cooked and all the unnecessary and dangerous microorganisms are destroyed.

High quality dog food for your pets

The dog food is actually broken down into single and multiple protein products. So breaking down the formula, one form of meat means a single protein, and a multiple protein only means more meats. These are usually beef and turkey. And a multiple protein means more amino acids, therefore, it can satisfy the protein requirement that a dog needs.

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