My Cat Farts? Why, And What Can I Do To Stop It?

my cat fartsIf you have started to notice that your cat is farting a lot, it may have something to do with its diet.

If you are asking yourself “My cat farts?” you are likely also asking “How Do I Make It Stop!?!”. Cat farts can be very smelly, and if your cat is farting a lot, it can become very annoying, and quite frankly gross.

Cats, like humans, can fart a lot if their digestive system is not functioning properly. This usually has to do with your cats diet.

If you are giving your ca milk to drink, it can lead to your cat farting a lot. Sometimes poor quality cat foods can also lead to cats farting a lot.

If your cat is an outdoor cat, it may have eaten something outside off the ground that id not agree with its stomach.

The best thing you can do to make your cat stop farting is to get your cat a high quality cat food.

Take a look at this funny farting cat.

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