Sussex Spaniel Puppies

Sussex SpanielAbout the dog:

The Sussex Spaniel puppy will grow up to be a strong and large dog.  With enough exercise, sussex spaniels can be stable and calm inside the house.  Compared to other types of spaniels it is not very outgoing.  THis bread is generally friendly, and gets along with all people, making it a good companion.  They are very sociable dogs, so they usually get along with other dogs of the same of different breads.


Dog Size and Weight:

A grown sussex spaniel will be around 15-16 inches high, and will weigh from 40-44 pounds.


What You Should Know:Sussex Spaniel Puppies

These dogs need to be exercised daily, you will need to give them regular walks.  When walking a sussex spaniel it is important that you lead the dog, and the dog does not lead you.  By leading the dog you show that you are in command.  A pack leader will walk in front of the pack, if your dog walks in front of you, it will think it is dominant.

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