What Can Pet Turtles Eat?

Pet TurtleThe type of food that you would give your pet turtle to eat will be different for different types of turtles.  This is because of the wide range of environments that a turtle can live in.  Each environment has different food sources, so each type of turtle has a different natural diet.  Most turtles will eat small insects when young, so they are often a best bet.


The most popular pet turtles are painted, and box turtles.  Below is some more information on them.

Painted Turtles

painted turtleThese turtles love to dine on small insects and fish like earthworms, guppies, snails and tadpoles.  These turtles will also eat things like green beans, carrots, and other vegetables. These types of turtles should be fed daily when young, but once ever two days when they are grown.


Box Turtles

Box TurtleThese turtles like to eat things like apples, and berries.  They will eat most vegetables like carrots, and beets.  In the wild they will often feed on things like grasshoppers, crickets, earthworms, and spiders.


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