What is the best low sodium dog food for your dog?

low sodium dog foodMost dog owners know that most dogs suffer from heart problems later on in their lives. It is always a bad feeling knowing that your furry best friend is suffering from heart condition. There are a lot of reasons why dogs develop heart conditions. It might be because of the breed because most dog breeds today are prone to certain heart conditions while it might be that your dog does not have enough exercise. But probably the main culprit of why your dog is currently suffering from heart complication is because of the food that you are feeding your pooch. The best way to make sure that your dog does not get a heart ailment in the future is to feed him low sodium dog food.

It can be a difficult task sometimes to search for the perfect dog food that has low sodium content because some dog food brands tend to not list the sodium content in their nutritional values. It is important to get low sodium dog food for your pet dog so that you can prevent cardiac problems in the future.

Finding the perfect low in sodium dog food

Before feeding your dog different dog food and taking out the dog food that you have been feeding him for a long time now because it might be the reason why your dog has heart problems, it might be a good idea first to consult your vet and ask for possible dog food replacements for your dog and at the same time also ask for treatment so that you can treat your dog.

Dog foods that are low in sodium can be hard to spot in the local pet store or in the supermarket. You will know that it is a dog food that is low in sodium if you spot a pack with a low cardiac or early cardiac branding. These foods are low in sodium which can prevent cardiac problems and are also high in omega-3 as well which can help reduce inflammation. These types of dog foods also have B vitamins that can help in providing missing nutrients for your dog if he or she is suffering from a heart problem.

Prescription food

Dog foods that have brandings like prescription food are usually low in sodium which makes them a good choice for your dog. But before purchasing these kinds of dog food, it might be a good idea to look at the nutritional value first because some of these prescription foods can be quite heavy on the fillers.

A better alternative

If you have searched for the perfect dog food and yet found a low sodium dog food, then it might be a good idea to have your dog eat table food. Table food or human food is preferred by a lot of vets nowadays because these are usually good pet food alternatives. Just make sure that you are feeding your dog sufficient protein and also check if it is safe to feed your dog different kinds of food because some human food might be dangerous for your dog.

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