12 Animal Friendships You Wont Believe

If you have a pet, you know that animals have an odd way of picking their friends.

These animals just don’t care about their species.  They became best friends.


1) This Turtle and Hippo are best of friends.


 Turtle And Hippo


2) These two show that not all cats love to chase birds.


 Cat and Bird



3) These guys want to prove dogs are not just man’s best friend

Monkey and Dog

4) Nor do they prefer animals with hands 

Dog and Elephant


5) Even the smallest of animals can make friends

Bird and Mouse

6) Even goats can make friends

Goat and Dog


7) The mightiest of animals can get together

Lion And Bear

8) Animals in the wild

Dear and Rabbit

9) And animals at home

Cat and Dog


10) All types of animals become friends

Dog and Boar


11) And once they are friends

Dog and Rabbit

12) Noting can take them apart

Skunk and Cheetah


Animals have a way of becoming good friends with each other despite all conventions.



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