14 Of The Most Awkward Dogs Ever

Dogs are great, they are always doing odd things, and these owners were able to take photos of their dogs while they are in awkward positions.

1) This dog just wants to say hello



hello there


2) This dog thinks it is possible with enough effort.

i can do it


3) This dog made a bet that he could fit in the pot.

i told you i could fit


4)This dog just wants to come inside.

let me in


5) This dog has no mouth to eye coordination. 

missed the ball


6) This dog does not know what it is watching right now.

omg what is that


7) This dog just really wants some pizza.



8) This dog just wants to shake it all out.



9) This dog is having some fun on the slides.



10) This dog is just really happy.

smile dog


11) This dog is very comfy.

this is comfy


12) This dog was not actually expecting his owner to through it to him

why did you do that


13) This dog wants to be a pirate with wooden legs.

wooden leg


14) And finally, this dog is trying to figure out how to use a door handle.

biting glass


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