Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky?

can cats eat beef jerkyIf you are wondering if you can give your cat beef jerky, the answer is that you really shouldn’t.

Although beef is perfectly healthy for cats, and beef jerky is essentially dried beef, beef jerky actually has a very high salt content. Although this does not make beef jerky poisonous, or toxic to cats, it does make it extremely unhealthy.

Cats should not have a large amount of sodium in their diets.

Beef jerky is usually covered in salts to dry, this makes the beef tasty to humans, but unhealthy. For cats, the salt is often overwhelming.

If your cat has already eaten some beef jerky, you should make sure that you give your cat plenty of water.

If you feel the need to give your cat some beef jerky, give it a quick rinse under water to help remove some of the salt. Do not give your cat any more than a pinch.

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