Can Dogs Eat Melon?

WatermelonThe Short Answer:

Dogs can eat most types of melons.  Melons such as watermelons, and cantaloupe are safe for dogs and are quite nutritious for them.


cantelopeMore Info:

Melons have high amounts of vitamins C and B-6, plus fiber, folate, niacin and potassium.  THis means that melons should be given to dogs in moderation.  If you give your dog a large amount of melon, they can suffer from stomach aches, and bloating.


The First Time:

puppy dogGiving anything to a dog for the first time should be done carefully. Some dogs do have allergies to mellons.  Give a small amount at first to see if your dog reacts to the melon in a negative manner.  THis can include coughing, sneezing, or acting strangely. If this happens, depending on the severity, and time frame you should find medical attention from a vet.  Otherwise you can give your dog some pieces of melon.

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