Can Hamsters Get Fleas

Hamster In Cage

If you are wondering if hamsters can get fleas, you probably came home to a hamster that is constantly scratching its self, or you have another pet with fleas, and you don’t want your hamster to get them.

The unfortunate truth is, that like other animals, hamsters can easily get fleas.   One of the reasons that it is uncommon is that hamsters are usually indoor pets that do not have a chance to contract fleas from other animals.  They can however get fleas by coming into close contact with another animal in your house who has fleas, or by coming into contact with an area where an animal with fleas has been.

If you notice your hamster scratching, and licking itself, it is likely just trying to clean itself, however it may have fleas.

The majority of hamsters that begin scratching themselves are irritated from something in their environment (such as their bedding).

hamster flea sprayIf your hamster does happen to get fleas, you will need to go to the pet store and buy a flea shampoo meant for small animals.  An example of this is 8 in 1 UltraCare Small Animal Spray, which can be bought here for around $10.


Below is a video of how a hamster usually looks while grooming.  You can compare this to how your hamster is acting.

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