Can you tell what type of animal this is?

Beware, the first couple images may make your stomach turn.

A passer by in Quebec thought this poor guy was a piece of garbage lying on the side of the road, until he saw movement.  When he went closer and took a look he realized what he was looking at was not just some trash, but it was a poor puppy that was covered in garbage.  The dogs fur was so matted, and full of junk it took vets a long time to shave the dog.

When the dog was shaved they realized that over 50% of the dogs mass was all the junk that got stuck in the dogs fur.

The transformation of this dog is truly amazing.


What Type Of Animal

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  1. Destiny Griffin says:

    Okay I just have to rant i’m sorry, but what kind of normal human being would do that to A PUPPY why the heck would you get a dog knowing your going to abuse it in this case whomever did this really deserves a life sentence in prison, Thank you to all who helped with that puppy esspcially the one who rescued it.

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