Dog Food Ingredients that can be Harmful for your Dogs

harmful dog foodDogs are a big part of every human in the world. They are considered the man’s best friend. They are a part of your family and the society. They may look strong and brave but they also have weaknesses. Sometimes their weaknesses are found in the dog food ingredients.

Ingredients that are harmful for your dogs

Dog lovers know that there are certain kinds of food that could kill their dogs. Food like grapes and chocolates are working like a poison for dogs. It makes their internal organs react in a way that will end their lives. But are you aware that your dog food may contain ingredients that could shorten the life span of your dog?

Some of the dog food ingredients that can harm your dogs are:

  • Corn

  • Yeast

  • Sugar

  • Chemical preservatives

  • Meat-by-products

  • Sale

These ingredients may cause itchiness in the skin, infections in the ear, irritated anal glands, flatulence, weepy eyes, spotted rashes, licking body excessively and hot spots that usually occur on their belly and feet. If not observed properly, or if the consumption of these dog foods containing these ingredients is not stopped, there is a huge chance that your dog might catch infections, behavioral problems and even long term illnesses.

How to know if the dog food is the primary cause of its allergies

It is always better to consult a veterinarian in case you think that your dog is suffering such symptoms of allergies. However, there is a precautionary method used by dog owners as a remedy for their infected dogs.

A special diet intended for dogs is one of the methods used by dog owners. This diet will take six weeks of observation to see if the dog food ingredients are the cause of the allergic reactions on your dog’s body and behavior. The special diet is made with food that is low in protein. It can be found in places like your veterinarian’s clinic and also it is available online. If the allergy reactions subside after the six weeks observation then the cause is the dog food. To be able to track down on which particular ingredient your dog is allergic with you must add ten percent of each ingredient separately on each meal. If the ingredient that is mostly poultry related is not producing any allergic reaction then there is a great chance that the chemical preservatives are the cause of the allergies.

It is advisable to change your dog food brand in this case. Proper consumption of food is also a big factor when it comes to your dog’s health. Too much protein intake can cause your dog’s skin to have thick collection of skin that looks like a scar. It is rough and hard, if you see this kind of skin abnormality on your dog, you must lessen the protein intake of your dog. Taking of your dog is like taking care of your family members, a simple allergic reaction if not taken seriously can lead to serious complications.

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