Norfolk Terrier Puppies

Norfolk Terrier PuppyAbout the dog:

The norfolk terrier is a small and muscular dog.  They are among the smallest breeds of terriers.  They are very active and courageous, however with enough training, and exercise they can be stable indoor dogs.  These dogs will love to chase after anything they can including small toys, balls, and sticks.  These dogs get along very well with children.


Dog Size and Weight:Norfolk Terrier Puppies

A grown norfolk terrier will grow to only 10 inches tall, and will weigh only 10-12 pounds, making it a very small dog.


What You Should Know:

Norfolk Terrier These dogs dogs were bred to work.  They thrive on a large amount of activity, and need to be taken for at least one walk daily.  They usually have short bursts of energy followed by naps.

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