Can A Cat Eat Dog Food?

Can A Cat Eat Dog FoodIf you are wondering if you can give your cat some dog food, the answer is that although a cat can eat dog food, it should not eat it on a regular basis.

The short answer is that cats can eat dog food. The long answer is that dog food does not contain the correct nutrients and proteins that cats require to survive.

If you give your cat some dog food when you run out of cat food, it will not harm your cat. Dog food will help fill up your cat so it does not go hungry. However if you give your cat a dog food diet, you will notice your stat starting to become sick. This is because dog food is lower in proteins.

Important Notes:

  • Cats can eat dog food occasionally
  • Cats will become sick if they eat dog food an a regular basis
  • Cat food has a lot more proteins then dog food

Here is a video of a cat eating dog food.

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