Can Dogs Catch A Cold

can dogs catch a coldYes! Even Your Dog Can Catch A Cold…

Cough, fever, headache, running nose and sneezing are the symptoms when you catch cold. But this problem is not just confined or restricted to humans. Even your pet dog can catch a cold; they can have these symptoms too. Dogs are more exposed to the micro-organisms and the germs since they stay outside, and walk, and sniff the ground. This is the major cause of getting colds. But the question is… how can we know that our pet is suffering from cold and what is the treatment to make your dog feel better.

Major symptoms

We humans start getting pre-cold symptoms before we actually catch a cold. Likewise animals also feel the same and show such symptoms; even a dog shows these kind of symptoms. But the only thing that differentiates with the dog is that they cannot speak up and discuss their problems. Thus we fail to see when they have a cold, and if they do, what is bothering them. Dogs can show the following symptoms when they are catching a cold.

  • Greenish yellow discharge from the nose.
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes

Sometimes dogs show symptoms of having a cold but in reality dont. In some cases these symptoms can be a bigger problem – respiratory disorders. Respiratory disorders are a bit dangerous to dogs. These can be categorized as

  • Canine distemper
  • Pneumonia
  • Kennel cold
  • Canine Para-influenza etc.

So just make sure that the dog is suffering from cold or from respiratory disorder and take it to a veterinary doctor immediately.

Preventive measures

We all have some kindness inside us for the animals. We never want to see them in any sort of pain. So it is better to take care of a dog by taking following measures.

  • Give him a healthy diet which is more of a meat based.
  • Even the dogs need to have clean water which is filtered and pure.
  • If the food you provide to the dog is canned than make sure it has more of meat content as compared to other ingredients.
  • Avoid giving grains.
  • Give them supplement of vitamins that come especially for the dogs.
  • Make sure your dog gets proper exercise.

Provide them comfort

One of the best way to cure a dog from a cold is to increase their immunity power. You can do so by giving them diet which has a lot of nutrients. It is actually a natural way to heal them.

It would be better if you restrict them to the warm places and don’t let them stay in cold places, especially in the winter season when it is too cool outside.

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