Can Cats Eat Broccoli?

can cats eat broccoliIf you are wondering if your cat can eat broccoli, the answer is in moderation.

Although broccoli is not dangerous for cats, it can cause an upset stomach if your cat eats too much of it.

Many cats really enjoy eating broccoli. And the broccoli can act as food, as well as a toy. (As long as you do not mind cleaning up a bit of a mess).

Unlike for humans, there is no evidence of broccoli being healthy for cats. In fact, many people believe that broccoli has almost no nutritional value for cats. (Although this is still being debated.)

Too much broccoli in your cats diet can lead to bad stomach cramps. If you give your cat broccoli, give it a head the size of a quarter at a time, and do not give it more often than once per week. This is because broccoli can lead to your cat becoming constipated.

If you have never given your cat broccoli before, make sure you watch your cat closely the first time. Some cats may be allergic to broccoli (although it is very rare). If you see your cat starting to sneeze a lot, or starting to cough, or act strange. Take the broccoli away immediately. Depending on how severe it is, you may need to bring your cat to a vet.

Cats will usually be completely fine with broccoli, and if you see your cat enjoying it, you can give it to your cat as a treat.

Just look at how much this cat is enjoying the broccoli!

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