Can Cats Eat Cinnamon?

can cats eat cinnamonAlthough the ASPCA says that cinnamon is “Non-Toxic to Cats”, it still may not be the best idea to feed your cat.

Even though cinnamon is considered non-toxic, cinnamon can still harm your cat, if it eats too much of it.

Have you ever heard of the cinnamon challenge?

A large amount of cinnamon in humans can cause nose bleads, trouble breathing, and sever headaches.

In cats, you can expect the same effects, however with a much smaller amount of cinnamon.

Since your cat is much smaller than a human, it can take only a small amount of cinnamon to cause these effect. (The cinnamon challenge uses one table spoon of cinnamon for a grown adult.)

This being said, if there are some cinnamon sprinkles on your cats food, it will not do any harm.

You cat will only be harmed if it inhales a large amount of cinnamon, or it tries to eat a clump of cinnamon.

Just look how these large cats react to licking up some cinnamon.

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