Can dogs eat seaweed?

SeaweedIf you are wondering if your dog can eat seaweed, you have come to the right place.

The thing about seaweed for dogs is that it is generally safe for dogs to eat.  So yes, dogs can eat seaweed.  Seaweed is rich in types of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, potassium, iron, and iodine. Seaweed is also rich in fiber so it can help regulate your dogs bowl movements.

Although seaweed can be eaten by dogs, you should not give your dog a large amount.  Serving your dog a lot of seaweed at once can cause him or her to choke.  Seaweed is also hard for dogs to digest, so it will stay in their digestive system longer.  Serving a lot of seaweed can be harmful to their stomachs.

If you want to feed your dog seaweed regularly, or if your dog is ripping up and eating a lot of seaweed when he or she is at the beach, you may want to speak to your vet about it.

Take a look at this dog fetching seaweed!

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4 Responses

  1. Dorice Mcelhaney says:

    My dog loves jumping into the water, and he always pulls out seaweed. Thanks for the info, now I know I dont have to worry about him eating some of it.

  2. dionis dawes says:

    I actually make my own dog treats, and one of the ingredients I use is seaweed. I don’t use much, but I add some in. It has a lot of nutrients which dogs need.

  3. novelia colombo says:

    Whenever I go to the beach my dog likes to play tug of war with seaweed… Thanks for the post, now I know I dont need to worry about it to much.

  4. max rockwell says:

    I live on a beach, and almost every day my dog brings me a lump of seaweed from the beach. It is kind of gross, but at least I now know its not harming her.

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