Chihuahua Puppies

ChihuahuaAbout the dog:
The Chihuahua or “Toco Bell” dog as they have come to be known are one of the smallest breads of dogs.  For their size they are very courageous dogs, and are vary loyal to their owners.  When you train them you need to be sure to let them now you are the pack leader, otherwise they an become very destructive.

Dog Size and Weight:

A grown Chihuahua will weigh around 0.9 – 1.8 kg and grow to be around 15 – 23 cm tall.

What You Should Know:
Because of their small size these dogs are great for apartment living.  That being said, they still need room to run around like any other dog.  These dogs are very small, and have short hair, so they get cold easily, and should not be left in cold environments for long periods of time.

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